Friday, September 3, 2010

Connie Chang Chinchio

Like reading a book but remaining oblivious to the author's identity, or watching a movie and being unaware of who starred or directed. Or like listening to music and having no idea who is singing, (all of which I have done and do ) I realized, this week, that I have been admiring patterns without realizing that they are all by the same designer. A wonderful collection of patterns and yet my shallow perception kept me from knowing that they ware all created by the same person.

That designer would be Connie Chang Chinchio. (Rav link) Over the last couple of years several of her patterns have caught my eye and been stored in my 'favourites' on ravelry. Metro, Geodisic Cardigan, Alexandria Cardigan, Alpaca Pleats Cardigan, Farmers Market Cardigan, Garbo, Versailles Shell, Henley Perfected, and Garland shell. How did I miss the designer!

Liking so many of her patterns, you might think I would have noticed the common denominator of designer. But I did not. Until this week. And I can't tell you how incredibly brain dead that makes me feel.

But once started, I roll pretty quickly. With our incredibly high temperatures and humidity this week, I spent air-conditioned hours on ravelry enjoying the collections of a few other designers. Take a weekend rav look at these.
Cheri Christian - Zoe Cardi and Zoe Tee, Chloe, Moxie, Brandi, Abigail...
Heidi Kirrmaier -Snowbird, Peasy, Drapey Neck Silky Tweed, Summer Solstice
EmilyJohnson The Betty Jean McNeil Cardigan


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Connie Chang said...

I know you wrote this post a while ago, but I just came across it now. How incredibly flattering! Thank you! And I hope I continue to put out patterns/designs you enjoy.