Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just For Fun

The ACRYLIC!! 'just for fun' kit I bought at the Knitters Fair on Saturday was a quick and easy two-hour knit. Perfect for lazy, Sunday evening knitting after a busy, busy weekend.

Without the 12mm needles called for, I subbed in 10mm and it seemed to work out nicely.

The pattern is a variation on the typical, triangular, garter stitch, dish-cloth- style shawlette. This pattern starts with 10 stitches. In Row 3, those stitches are doubled, then in row 5 they are increased by 33%. After that there is a increase at each end of every row.

You cast off when you run out of yarn or you can't stand it any longer. And my trick for a loose enough cast-off is to do a KF&B every tenth stitch in the row preceding the cast off row. This increases the stitch count by 10% making for a nice, loose, cast-off edge.

My ACRYLIC!! 'just for fun' shawlette is either a dust cloth


an artistic, stylish topper for my black coat.

Point of view matters.


Joansie said...

LOL.......the key word is "either" but not "both.

Anonymous said...

Bet your young grandaughter would love it!

gina c

Yarn and Ivories said...

Why not BOTH? Multi-purpose objects! :-0

Laurie said...

LOL! When I first saw that picture, my first thought was, "Yup, she's gone and done it - she's knitted herself a dustmop!" LOL! What kind of yarn is that, anyway??? I need a new dustmop. ;-)