Wednesday, September 22, 2010


At the Knitters Fair, a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a scarf on display that interested me. Some booth keepers at these types of events are very closed mouthed about their designs/ideas. But this particular booth person was very open and shared with me exactly how she had done the scarf.

And so, I did what I do best - I copied. Last week, when I arrived at the stop sign that was the puzzle about how to do the fair isle short rows in my 50th Anniversary Sweater, Laurie M gave me a great suggestion. She suggested I put my knitting in a time out. Good idea, Laurie. I started the scarf.

This scarf starts with a band of non curling knitting - I did seed stitch. Following that, the stitches are divided into thirds and knitted separately. Each third being knit with a different yarn.
Can you guess what happens to those three strips when done? Likely, you can. They are braided, coming together again at the other end of the scarf to knit another non-curling band. Neat eh? The perfect antidote to confusing fair isle short rows.

I can just hear the teacher saying " My, you copy well."


LizzieK8 said...

Great long will you make it before braiding?

LaurieM said...

You're moving fast on that! Which is good, because a too-long time-out is a dangerous thing.

I should know! Don't copy me on that one. :)

Joansie said...

I've seen the finished scarf to this pattern and it is very lovely! Enjoy!

freshisle said...

Can I copy you?

Laurie said...

That's so cool!! Can I copy your copy?