Monday, December 1, 2008

Knitter: Know Thy Body Type

Doesn't this look like a lovely neckwarmer for my winter coat?
I thought so too. The pattern is 'Little Ruff' from One Skein Wonders and this weekend, I knit it up with the Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed I purchased at Romni Wools. The yarn knits up great. The pattern is dead easy. But I forgot about my body type. I am petite. With a short neck. When I tried on 'Little Ruff' I was reminded of those National Geographic photos of women being tortured beautified with lots of neck rings elongating their necks. Unfortunately my time for neck elongation has long passed. So the ruff got ripped. I will make a scarf.

But first, I have decided, I will knit the matching hat. Lucky for me my brain kicked into gear. I heard it say - 'Why not make the hat first? Then the scarf can be as long as the yarn holds out?" Why not indeed. That was the first bit of tragedy-aversion thinking I've had in a while.

Speaking of tragedy aversion - Kim's wrap is going to be OK, I think. I sewed two rows of very tight zig zag stitches along the edge and I think the knitting will hold.
The sewing isn't visible at all and with the fringe, I bet no one but me and all the blog readers will ever know.

To take my mind of my knitting disappointments, this weekend, I made the first batch of Mince Meat Tarts.

48 itsy-bitsy, two-bite tarts. Yummy.

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EL said...

Sorry to hear about your knitting but you made me laugh!!!

Little ruff WAS beautiful!