Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A New Hat

Look what flew off my needles during this weekend's big, winter storm.
The horizontal view.

The vertical view.

It's the Scarf Knitter Beanie Hat by Anne Carroll Gilmour. The multi-coloured strip was knit with yarn purchased during last spring's B.C. vacation at Village Yarns in Cumberland B.C. It is Wendy, Roxy, California. The yellow was 'Woolly Harvest' stash yarn from a-many-years-ago vacation on Manitoulin Island. I guess that makes this the 'holiday hat'.

It wasn't my intention to make matching mitts, but I think Newfie Mitts would look great with this combination of yarns.

The hat is interesting construction, with the coloured band being knit, like a headband, on 13 stitches until it goes around the head, slightly stretched. Stitches are picked up along the long edges for both the top and the rolled edge at the bottom. The Roxy yarn has 55 metres per ball, and I would estimate I used about two-thirds of one ball. That makes the hat a great project for little bits of leftover luxury yarns.

And - it was a great storm-day project. Especially when knitting with a storm-stayed, knitter friend. Nicki couldn't get home from work Sunday because of the weather. She called to ask if she could camp out at our house for the duration of the storm. A friend to knit with? Of course. Come on over.

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Anonymous said...

You and Fred are wonderful hosts. Thanks again for giving me a port in the storm. Lucky I had my knitting with me, eh!