Friday, December 5, 2008

What Happened Yesterday?

Readers tell me they enjoy reading of the knitting adventures of the Thursday knit group. With Pat's poetry yesterday, I fear you might feel cheated of this week's report.

So, in the theme of 'better late than never', we have - Wilma's Easy Peasy scarves. She's a machine, that Wilma.

Yes, they are all Wilma's. How many is that? Five altogether, by my count. Wow!

Doreen is sporting her latest hat and one of her scarves.
And a look of surprise?? Shock??

Gail was wearing a 'made-years-ago' sweater.
Recognize the pattern? It's a Patons Upside downer. From this book

And look. There's Gail's sweater on the front cover. Gail used three shades of green - that really suit her, I might add - in Super 10 Cotton. And what's not to love about the right angle turn that knitting a raglan in the round creates? A square shape from a round needle. Mensa material, don't you think?

Meghan appeared, wearing a Kaffe Fassett vest.

This pattern

from this book

A knitter who even attemps to knit a Kaffe Fassett is somewhat insane, but to complete one? And with her own hand spun? Hmmm, I think we are really going to like Meghan.

And look at her mitts. Newfie Mitts knit when Meghan was living 'down under' - again with her own hand spun.

And lastly, confirmation that knitters are wonderful people came this morning in the form of an email. Madeleine, a knitter friend from London, emailed to say that she had visited Milrea. She sent this photo along.

Milrea's looking better. Thanks Madeleine.

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Sel and Poivre said...

How lovely of your friend to visit Milrea - whose cardigan is pretty spectacular!