Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Movin' On

The second half of the to-go-with-my-good-coat, hat & scarf set is done and on the blocking board.
I knit it Elizabeth Zimmermann style. That is, knit until you run out of yarn or are sick of knitting. For me it was the latter. Enough is enough. I still have about half a ball left, but it will come in handy for trim on something, I'm sure

And the scarf was such a better idea than Little Ruff.
Neckwarmer my eye. Maybe for giraffes. On me it was a neck-and-a-half warmer. Not a good look.

And now, on to socks for Fred. Super warm socks with sock yarn and mohair held together. The poor man suffers from really cold feet - in particular his left foot feels the cold.

A few years back, Fred, a Realtor in his former life, had to be in downtown London, out behind a commercial building for quite some time, on a cold, windy day. In downtown London, on some winter days, you'd think you were in the Arctic. The city isn't one of Canada's most northerly for sure, but the way the downtown streets are laid out, they catch the wind and create a bitter, wind-chill factor. When Fred came home that night he told me how he had been out in that cold and wind for about half an hour and had never been so cold in his life.

I asked if he had worn a hat. No. Gloves or mittens? No. Boots? No. Well, you can imagine my sympathy level. But in the end, I did feel sorry for him, because his big toe on his left foot froze. Turned a real nasty range of colours and hurt like heck. Ever since then, his feet and in particular his left big toe really feels the cold.

More information that you ever wanted to know about Fred's feet, probably. But that's why warm socks for Fred are next up.


LaurieM said...

I can vouch for the wind tunnels in downtown London. Experienced Londoners circumnavigate the worst areas.

Poor Bill! I like your idea of holding the strand of mohair with the sock yarn. I'll be making alpaca socks for my man, also a very warm yarn.

Anonymous said...

Now I feel like I've had a proper introduction to Fred's feet, as well as the winter weather in London. Anything else I need to know?