Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursdays Are For ---- But Today Is Friday

Yesterday, on my - Thursdays Are For Knit Group - day, this bad blogger forgot her camera. Our last meet-up until the new year and the group's knitting went unphotographed! Such a shame! There were scarves and partial sweaters and one stunning, 'wild & wooly' shawl from Australia.

When knit group adjourns, I often walk down the block to Meaford's own 100 Mile Market. Based on the 100 Mile Diet, David and Barbara, Elk farmers, opened what appears to be a vastly popular 100 Mile Market (check out what the Toronto Star had to say about the market here). Thursday afternoons, the market staff have become accustomed to seeing me come in after knitting and one day a few weeks ago, Barbara asked me if anyone in the group knitted socks. She was looking for a pair of long wooly warm socks to keep her feet toasty when she tends to the Elk on winter mornings. We bartered socks for LOTS of yarn. Yarn that Barbara, now running an Elk farm and a market, no longer has time for generously donated to the knit group.

Wow! Look what our knitters will get at the first meeting in the new year.

The entire haul.

The baby yarn.

Some baby yarn and some chunky-weight,mohair blend.

So much that it wouldn't fit into the two boxes.
Lucky Knit Group, wouldn't you say?

And for the socks -
Two skeins of Briggs & Little, 100% wool, with some contrasting orange Kamouraska. Not a yarn that I am familiar with, but Canadian and again, 100% wool. My post-Christmas project.


Anonymous said...

Brenda..I am familer with Kamourska yarn. I had bought it years ago from Braasards in Quebec. this is a wool produced there I believe..not the softest yarn but good for some projects. I wove a blanket. BUT the most interesting fact about this yarn is that my name was enetred into a draw after buying this yarn and I won a trip to florida!! 1986 it was ..a wonderful holiday for Bob and I...Sharon

Sel and Poivre said...

Briggs and Little hand knit socks for tending the elk - what a fabulous image that paints!