Friday, November 28, 2008

Tragedy and Comedy

If I could figure out how to paste those theatrical images of comedy and tragedy into my post, that is what you would see today. Instead, I have my own pictures. One will make you shed tears of knitterly tragedy. The other will make you laugh.

You might remember my 'not-so-naughty' Easy Peasy Wrap. The black slinky one. As I knit it, I began to feel a bit guilty -my daughter-in-law had asked me for a black wrap about a year ago. Here I was making one for someone else when I still hadn't done one for my DIL. So after the first black wrap was done, I started one for Kim. Last night I finished it. Or so I thought.

And were are you headed with this you might ask. Towards comedy or tragedy? Take a look at the pictures and you will know.

Here is the wrap laid out on the blocking board, ready to be pinned and blocked. Looks OK so far, doesn't it?

Well, take a look at the other end.

What the heck happened here? I can only guess. And my guess is - either when I stuffed it into my knitting bag to go to knit group, or took it out of my knitting bag when at knit group - some stitches fell off the needle. Easy enough to happen as it is very loose and lacey. Obviously I didn't notice the dropped stitches and carried on. How clueless one would have to be to not notice all those dropped stitches, I cringe to think about.

Anyway, whatever the reason for my 'wrap tragedy', I don't feel at this point, that I have many options. If I were to rip out the short rows, and pick up from the last, long row, the yarn I ripped out would be garbage - too short to knit the longer rows. But after knitting two black wraps, I am now on my last 'yarn legs', so to speak and lack sufficient yarn to re-do all those short rows.

SO - I think my only option is to sew across the longer part with a close, tight, zig zag stitch. Then, cut off the excess and use the cut-off yarn to make fringe. Hoping of course, through piles of knitterly denial, that the zig zag will hold the stitches and that the fringe will hide the zig zag. I shall let you know.

To balance this tragedy, I will let you laugh at my husband. Last weekend, when I went to Toronto, Fred decided to stay home. What does he do when you're away, you might ask. Well, many and varied things. But last weekend, he did laundry.

I have no idea why the pose. And I have no idea why anyone would want to bleach their plaid flannel work shirt. Fred's answer? " To brighten it up." Aah, yes Of course.


Sel and Poivre said...

Poor you - Poor Fred and then that Poor Plaid Shirt!

Anonymous said...

I laughed myself silly over your knitting tragedy (sorry!), and then I got to the laundry tragedy and laughed even harder. Poor man.
p.s. I think your plan for the wrap might work!