Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Romni Wools

The batteries are charged, the yarn fondled, the report ready.

The Romni Wools purchases.

First - two balls of Mohair Royal
A Lana Gatto product, the fibre content is . 80% Mohair, 20% Nylon. It knits at 41 stitches to 4 inches with a #2 needle. You are thinking - "What the heck? You haven't even mustered the stamina to finish Loden, with a much bigger gauge that that."

Absolutely right. A sweater out of Mohair Royal would be madness - at least for me. I intend to make some more of these.
I bought the kit for these socks at Fun Knits on Quadra Island last spring. Knit with one strand of sock yarn held together with one strand of very fine Mohair, they are a quick knit. And the Mohair makes them very warm. Fred's feet are always cold, so I thought he might like a pair of these socks.

Then I bought some of this. A new yarn for me.
Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed.
The label reads " Made In Kilcar Ireland" Worth the price, just for the label. This yarn I bought to make a scarf and matching hat for my winter coat.

I love this coat. It was hand woven by a Quebec weaver and purchased at the One Of A Kind Show, a few years back. It gathers compliments whenever and wherever I wear it. My 'scarf' ' idea is more neckwarmer than scarf. Something to keep the collar clean and my neck warm, but not detract from the coat itself.

It is hard to believe that I could spend all morning picking out just two yarns. But I wanted the hat & scarf yarn to be perfect. Something a bit elegant - like the coat. Something a bit different - like the coat. Something that would play a good supporting role and compliment the coat, rather than be the star attraction. I think this works.

That's it. Five little balls of yarn. Next time, I might have to forgo the music and the food.

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