Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

What a crowd we had a knit group today!

Milrea said it all when she saw the size of the crowd. " I'm going to have to come early, or I won't get a seat." Ahh -we'll always make room for you Milrea.

I think the crowd was due, in part, to everyone being keen to see how the Easy Peasy Wraps were coming along.

Creative, speedy-knitter Ingrid has hers finished.
She made a triangular shawl on the same premise as the wraps. That is, change colours every row. Leave ends long enough to become the fringe. Looks gorgeous, doesn't it?

Doreen, broke from her norm of only knitting at knit group and look how much she accomplished in a week.
Off to the left, behind Doreen, you can see Ingrid wearing her lovely colourful shawl.

Sharon has a good start on her black wrap.

And look what Sharon was wearing. Remember my 'great-give-away' of a few weeks ago? Sharon took the Sally Melville Funnel Top - Looks great on her doesn't it?

And this one's for you, Nicki's Mom. Here is "not- my-face" Nicki and her gorgeous purple wrap. Posed even.
Great fun. It won't be long until the Wrap Fashion Show.

Now for Survivor.

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Vera said...

Great pictures, Brenda. What a crowd!! Sure wish I could be there.
Nicki's Mom