Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Wow! The knitters at knit group have taken to the Easy Peasy scarf/wrap with passion. Take a look.
Wilma is wearing her lovely brown wrap. I still say - "Those are my colours, Wilma."
She reports three compliments and a request for the pattern the first time she wore the wrap. Not bad!

Here is the second one she made- more scarf like, this one.
And she is working on number three.

Joann who didn't start until after last week's meeting, is now sporting this great wrap.
That is my favourite colour combination, Joann. Black and caramel.

Doreen, who previously only knit on Thursdays shows off her second wrap
The other Doreen has finished a real Hollywood-style fashion wrap. One that's long enough to go from front to back a couple of times in true Elizabeth Taylor style. It's beautiful.
And today we had a newcomer - Megan.
She's never heard of the Easy Peasy Wrap and instead worked on a hat. Made with her own hand spun. She spun sequins into the yarn! Gorgeous! I think we're going to like Megan. She's a raveler and you can find her here.

This Easy Peasy Wrap project has been extremely satisfying for me. I told the group about the wraps and how to make them. They took it from there and ran with it. They scheduled a 'yarn' day. Everyone brought yarn to share, and everyone helped each other with colour selection. Within a week, several had completed their first wrap. Knitters are knitting more - and more creatively than before. They are playing more with colour than before. They are having LOTS of fun. It brings a smile to my face and a warm feeling to my knitterly heart.

And now time for Survivor. If it was up to me, I'd get rid of Crystal. She's lazy people! Get rid of her.

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