Friday, November 14, 2008

The Little Brown Topper

The Little Brown Topper at 10 am
On the blocking board and drying nicely.

The Little Brown Topper at 2pm
Dry and lookin' good.

Except for these.

The Little Brown Topper at 4pm.
'a-top-a' me.

Specs: Pattern Bianca from Berrocco
Yarn: Patons Brilliant. Purchased on a clear-out sale for $1.50 per ball. 5 balls used. My second 'nod-to-the-recession' sweater.
I. M.H.O. A quick, fun, easy pattern to knit. As written, the top is cropped, but easy to lengthen.
The sleeves are none too wide. Patons Brilliant has lots of give, so it's not a problem, but if using a yarn with less give, the sleeves should be widened.

I made it to wear 'a-top' the 'dress that called my name'. I think it will be perfect.

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