Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Knitting

Remember this yarn I purchased for my Sister In Law while at the KW Knitters Fair?

S-I-L and her hubby came to visit for the weekend and she loved the yarn. Whew! I suggested she start knitting with it right away to make sure it was suitable. But she said " I didn't bring any needles." As if that would stop a knitter in my house! Here she is just rolling right along.

The yarn is Cascade 220Superwash and is it ever soft! I wish I could remember from which vendor I purchased it. At only $4 a ball, it would be great to get some more. I am pretty certain it was either Cabin Fever or Good Buy. It will be perfect for S-I-L's intended projects -toques for her grand kids.

Of course, I had to keep her and her needles company. Look what I accomplished.
Sleeve number two of Diagonal. Yes, I did finish the back of Loden first, in case you were wondering.

A little family love.
Fred and his sister.
A great weekend. Family and knitting.

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