Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group - And Survivor!!!!

Yes, I'm told that Survivor starts tonight. I can't wait. Although the first show always has so many participants I have trouble keeping them straight. I am not sure if tonight's show will be 'Loden Mist' time or if that will be too difficult to concentrate on while trying to figure out the who's who of Survivor. Dishcloth time, perhaps.

And at Knit Group today, here is what the knitters were up to.

Ingrid is sporting a lovely Alpaca scarf given to her by a spinning friend. That's right. Given to her! What a lucky girl you are, Ingrid. We had her put a piece of tissue paper under the scarf in order to show off the stitch work, then told her she looked like a nursing-home resident waiting for lunch. Hee Hee. Poor Ingrid.

This is Pat. She is new to our group - in fact today was her first time with us. She was working on her doll, a Jean Greenhowes pattern. Isn't he cute? And Pat is just as cute. I have known her to do a great 'Knees Up, Mother Brown'. For those of you too young to know, that is a war time song, where the knees go W A A A Y up.

And Doreen is working on another toque. She makes hers' flat and sews them up the back. Quite a look of concentration, Doreen.

After Knit Group, Fred and I went to the local community centre to renew our passports. One advantage of being in a community far away from government services, is that the office comes to you. Our local MP arranges a passport clinic twice a year. On our way in the door, there was our MP! A Cabinet Minister no less. And a woman to boot. She smiled, introduced herself and was entirely gracious to us. Not every day you get to meet a cabinet minister. Or minister-ette?? Quite a day.

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Anonymous said...

I love that you blog about the knit group and the projects they are doing. Thanks Brenda