Friday, September 5, 2008

I Couldn't Do It

The other day I said I was going to rip out the sleeve cap of sleeve number one of Loden Mist re-knit it. But I just couldn't do it.

I decided that ripping it out might be premature. What a sad thing it would be if I were to finish the sweater and find that the original sleeve would have worked just fine, thank you very much. It's possible. It could happen. So I didn't rip it. Instead, I started sleeve number two.

However in the excitement that is American politics, I don't have very much done.
Remember, I said I have to watch every stitch? Well, can't watch the pistol-packin', plain-talkin', hockey Mom and knit Loden Mist at the same time. Politics won.

And now, today, in Thornbury, more excitement. The 138th Beaver Valley Fall Fair. A small-town event that couldn't possibly be the more polar opposite of American politics if it tried! Excitement abounds!! When will I ever get back to Loden?

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