Monday, September 8, 2008

The Fall Fair

As I mentioned on Friday, this weekend was the local fall fair. Not a large fair by any standards, but big on community participation. Look at all this knitting!
Here we have some splendid work in the knitted hat category.

And then we have the men's socks category. Sadly, there was no category for women's' socks. Come on fair-board people. Get with the program. Women's hand knit socks are hot!!
The socks on the left - the second prize winner - were knit by my friend Alice. And between Alice and I, we thought they were the better socks. Alice did say though, that she thinks she doesn't graft her toes well. They looked pretty darned good to me, Alice.

And here is Alice with her first prize cardigan. Isn't that gorgeous? With it's lace and curved front, it is a beauty.

Then there was the category of 'door-draft stopper'. Probably not a category you city slickers often see at your urban expositions, but in the Beaver Valley, a highly-contended category. First prize went to this bright and cheerful fellow. I mean really. If you are stuck in the house in the cold months and chilly because of a draft from under your doors, wouldn't you like to have this fellow around to block that draft and keep you warm?

Now, with all this knitting and the fair being local - that is two blocks from my house - and all, you are probably asking yourselves - "Did you enter anything, Brenda?" Well, not this year. Last year I entered seven items and won prizes for them all. Here's my rack from /07.

But this year, when I received the fair program, I noticed the phrase 'new items only' across the top of the page. Oops! Didn't notice that last year. New requires much more planning on a knitters calendar. Maybe next year.

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