Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A 'Done Before Dinner Dame'

I often refer to myself as a 'done before dinner' type of person. My style preference is for quick knits, quick decorating, quick sewing, quick anything that can be 'done before dinner'.

It's a cutesy phrase that makes it sound as if I accomplish lots - and all before dinner. Though, any grade school teacher or Mom knows better. It's a euphemism for, in my case, ' knitterly attention deficit disorder'. (My BIL calls it Adult deficit disorder. That seems so funny to me. As if the sufferer has a deficit of 'adult-ness')

This morning I was typing an email to my friend Ruby - purveyor of fine yarns at the
Napa Auto Parts Store in Hearst - and used the 'done before dinner' phrase to describe myself. It made me think. How does someone with 'Knitterly ADD' cope with such a slow knit as Loden Mist?

I have come to realize that I resist knitting until late at night and then, when I finally do sit down to knit, I work on other projects. This is in order to trick myself into believing that the reason for my slow progress on Loden is simply because I don't give it much time. In my knitterly ADD mind, I am convinced that if I only had the time to go at it full force, I could knit miles of Loden. HA!

Here is what an entire night of the 'no bailout-bailout' talk shows did for the left front of Loden.
And you can't get much less distracting TV than that!

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