Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Low-Down On Loden

Two inches up, one down, I tell you. Yesterday, I replied to Christy's comment telling her that I had 14 inches knit on sleeve number one. Last night while watching local boy, Drew Wright get eliminated from Canadian Idol (boo hoo) , I shaped the sleeve cap.
That's about 8 inches of knitting. But ....

Yes, there is a 'but'. I seemed to have finished the cap and the instructions are still going. Hmmm. That says to me - row gauge!

So tonight, I will rip back those eight inches and start the cap again. Knitting a 'rip-back' is something like eating leftovers. I used to tell my kids " we eat leftovers in this house, but we don't eat leftover, leftovers." SO ..

I will rip back the cap tonight and re-do it. But if it isn't right after the re-knit, well, it will have to do. I'm not 'froggin' the 'froggin'. At least that's my position today.

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