Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good Enough Is Good Enough

Last night, with my four mystery hats complete, I started The Diagonal Rib Cardigan. Such fun to start a new project, but the first few inches of this design are tough slugging.

The gauge swatch sleeves and bottom of the cardigan have about 4 inches of 'diagonal rib'. That means those pesky left and right twists. You know the kind. You reach into the second stitch on the needle - from behind, just to make it more fun - knit it and then knit the first stitch. Your fingers appear to be playing Twister. But look how much I have done. Done after 10pm, I might add, when I couldn't face another lace repeat.
I know it doesn't show too well in the photo, but the rib really is diagonal. Really.

And how much lace did I do? Take a look.
See those inward leaning curves? Those are armholes. I kid you not. Armholes. A few more inches and the back is done. On to the fronts by next week, I should think.

But what is that orange yarn tied into the piece, you ask. This orange yarn.

That my fellow knitters is a dropped stitch. Waaaaaahhhh! But at least I found it before too much damage was done. Am I ripping back the sweater to fix it? Not on your life. Am I dropping down the stitch to fix it? Not on your life. I will tie it off with the sweater yarn and work in the ends. Factor in the fine yarn, the fact that the yarn is mohair, and the pattern is lace and I doubt anyone will ever see it. But if they do, I will be happy for them that they have such great eyesight. My theory is that "Sometimes, good enough, is good enough." For sure that's true in the case of cobweb-weight mohair knit in a lace pattern.

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