Monday, May 13, 2013

"What Is That Building Back There?"

After all the _ itching  complaining I have done about our slow, rainy, cool entrance to spring this year, I find I am wrong.  Seems spring is right on target.

My test for whether or not we are having a slow start to spring, as I have mentioned in previous years,   always happens on May 11.  It was on that day 7 years ago that the realtor first showed us our current home.  Fred stood at the patio doors in the dining room and looked across the back yard. It was obvious that there was a building way back there beyond the shed but,  hidden in the leaves of the Birch trees, it was unrecognizable.   It was certainly not another house but the thought of a commercial building was dampening our enthusiasm for the house.

"What is that building back there?" Fred asked.

"The United Church", the realtor  said.  A much more agreeable neighbour.  We bought the  house.

Each year on May 11, I stand at the patio doors to see how the view of the Church compares to what we saw in 2006.  Turns out  my thoughts on the spring of  2013 were wrong.  It isn't as cool or slow  as I thought.  In fact it is just about on par with the spring of 2006.    What is that building back there?

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Sigrun said...

My first response was "A garden shed/barn", then when you said "United Church" I thought "what a small congregation". It took me a while to realize it was hidden behind those lovely green leaves☺