Monday, May 6, 2013

Movin' On

Skipping over spring entirely it would seem,  summer has arrived in my part of Ontario.  Sunny, warm days, morning coffee on the deck and a scramble to find my capris.  My knitting needs to keep pace with the seasons.  I am movin' on.

Movin' on means I will put My Modified Mothed  into hibernation.
 Or at least a time out.

 At almost 6 inches below the great divide of sleeves from body,
it is almost halfway to my finished length.  Almost.  Then the sleeves need to be knit.  With fine, fine yarn, it takes forever, even on the 4mm needle I am using.

Waiting in  the wings and getting more anxious with each passing, sunny, warm day is my
2013 Cinnie.   Mothed will become my tavel knitting so surely over the summer, with  an  11 hour  trip back and forth from the trailer,  it will get finished before fall and the wool-wearing season.

Add to that, the folly I succumbed to in purchasing the June issue of KNIT 'n Style

 Folly, because I recently spent a couple of days sorting through and giving away old knitting magazines and books.  Both of my knit groups were beneficiaries  of the great, 'magazine give-away' and still, I took 2 full bags to the local outreach Treasure Shop. 

You will, I'm sure,  see the futility in trying to resist a pattern like this one, offered up in the June issue.
 With instructions for both machine and hand knitting, it was meant to be.  For me.    Now for a  cool, rainy day to spend  in the basement with my machine.  Having waited so long for the sun and warm temperatures, I won't wish too hard.  Instead, I will start Cinnie.


Yarn and Ivories said...

You are so BRAVE! How can you part with knit magazines? You may notice my collection on Ravelry's library... which will be mine until I die!
It's OK... you made room for your new Knit'n Style.

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I'm feeling the same about my wool cardi but I'm going to try to resist moving on just yet.

BTW that little darling in your new mag was definitely worth it. Adorable!