Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Today we had company.  Doreen's daughter from England is visiting.  Doreen's knitting productivity has gone down, I'm sure. 
Don't they make a handsome pair?

Sandy B is almost finished her linen top.
 Knit sideways, in two pieces, the front piece is much wider than the other. That allows it to be twisted, revealing the reverse stockinet side and giving the front the big loop.

  Lovely piece and Sandy has promised to wear it next week.  Can't wait.

Sandy also started the mitered-square, kitchen rug I mentioned in last Thursday's post.
 Double stranded Handricrafter cotton.  My hands wouldn't survive that, I'm afraid.

Ruth wore her lovely, purple sweater today.  With the almost-snow  rain we were having, she needed it to keep warm.
Ruth's sister knit it for her and I have asked for the pattern only to be told "No pattern - anyone who can count to 7 can knit this sweater."  Sandy's sister Sue sent the purple yarn in one of her great yarn give-aways, so this picture is for you Sue.

Sharon has a good start on the '6 mile' Wensleydale yarn she brought back from England.
 This is the back of   'Essential Cardigan'.  My camera didn't do justice to the tweediness of this yarn.  It is a lovely, soft, tweedy green and 'Essential' seems to be the perfect pattern choice for the yarn.  Can't wait to see you wearing it, Sharon.  

 Jean finished her Baby Surprise Jacket while at knit group today and entertained us all while trying to decipher the correct folding.  The last few stitches happening here -


Still a surprise it seems," said Jean

But finally, the jacket reveals itself.  

And the back. 

Stash yarn, interesting knit.  Great fun.  I think I might have to put one of those on my list for my first great niece or nephew coming in October.

Another fun day at knit group and a great antidote to the crazy, annoyingly cool weather we had today. 


Sel and Poivre said...

Doreen and her daughter aren't just handsome they're almost identical!

Love that fresh blue and white rug and that blue and white linen too!

What a great lot of productivity today - my favourite is the comment about "counting to 7"! I'm making a baby blanket with that "pattern" but its a flat square not a perfectly fitting cardigan!

Wow, as ever, I love the Knit Group posts!

Jan said...

I giggled at the baby surprise jacket "It's still a surprise".

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know if there is a pattern for the linen knit top. I've tried to find one, but no luck. That is so cute!