Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I. T. News

As many of you know, Google Reader will soon no longer exist.  You know the gig - you no sooner  find the colour lipstick you like and they discontinue making it.  Same with Google.

Initially, when I  discovered blog reading, I simply 'bookmarked' the blog.  But that is cumbersome.  One needs to  look up the bookmarked pages then click on the blog to see IF there has been a posting since the last time the blog was read.  Too much work for a  person like me that reads several blogs daily.  Research, don't you know.  I needed a one-step approach.

Then I discovered Google's Reader.  Talk about enlightment!  You simply put the url (whatever the heck that stands for) or in other words,  the www. address  of the blog you want to track,  into the blank space and it captures that blog for future reading.  When the blogger has posted, the blog name is highlighted.  At a glance you can see where the recent, current postings are, making the reading of those blogs just one, easy click away. Then they announced it will no longer exist as of this summer.

I began  doing  research  asking other blog readers and bloggers what system they intended to switch to once Reader was gone.  I got a few suggestions but mostly I got groans and "I have no idea" statements.

That is until fellow blogger Jan emailed to say she had already switched to The Old Reader.  (Sorry, I cannot seem to link to that without directing you to my personnal Old Reader page.  But the url is  Jan's comment was that is was the most like Google's Reader that she had found.  I checked it out.  True - almost identical to Google's Reader and from what I read, developed in response to the need  created by the impending void that Reader's closing will leave.

In big bold print on the left side of their page it says +subsription.  All you do is put the www. address of the blog you want to follow in that spot, click  '+'  and you are there.  Put the 'theoldreader' site in your tool bar for easing clicking and vioila!  -  easy reading.

Thanks, Jan.

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Jan said...

You are more than welcome! Now if I could just get in the habit of reading it regularly I would have seen this post a lot sooner! LOL