Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursdays Are For knit Group

Sandy B began the day by showing off two balls of sock yarn.
Sandy intends to use this brightly coloured yarn  for baby hats.

Wilma arrived  and wanted to know if Sandy had purchased the yarn at  Riverside Yarns.     Yes, Sandy had.  That is when Wilma pulled the identical yarn out of her bag along with one completed sock.
Knitters  minds think alike I guess.  Socks and hats for the younger set in bright colours.

Sandy B was also excited about a mitered square rug pattern she purchased from Knitting Daily.
Sandy loves   knitting  mitered squares.  Straight away she headed  to Michaels to buy some Cotton in  blues and whites to match  her kitchen.  Imagine knitting something to walk on!  Artistry knows no bounds.

Bonnie demonstrated why most of the Meaford knitters love top-down construction.  This little baby sweater is knit in six - 6!!! - different pieces and then sewn together.
 Bonnie said she now remembers hating the pattern years ago and wonders why she kept it. Too bad she didn't remember all that before she started the 2013 version.

Sharon and Nicki both worked on socks today.  Sharon measures the foot here to see if it is time to start the toes. 
Nicki is wearing her Mothed.   Knit last summer with Americo Cotton Flamme, it was the garment she  knit  to wear over her bathing suit while walking on the beach with her husband on a summer's evening, eating ice cream.  Must remember to ask her how that worked out for her. 

See that bag on the table in front of Sharon and Nicki?  Know what's in it?  More Rhubarb.  Thanks, Nicki.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I think I got one of those same sock yarns at Riverside. Lots of positives about Colleen's shop moving..closer cafes, washroom on the main floor, parking, a separate classroom and lovely windows...and room for more yarn!
Maybe you can drive over this way again in the summer and join us when we knit at Pioneer park on Wednesdays (and visit DocKnits again) and collect on that ice cream cone I owe you :).

Cheers Brenda,