Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Big Start

Thank goodness for foresight.  This morning, with a few 'found' hours due to a rain-cancelled hike, I decided to get started on my machine-knit Contrasts.  With the combination of unknowns in this project - yarn, pattern, machine -  I knew I would start with a gauge swatch.  Being a lace pattern the only accurate way to swatch would be in lace, not stockinet.  And since I had to knit lace to swatch, why  not just start the back of the sweater and see how it goes.  The no-swatch, gauge swatch, so to speak.

Noticed first - this lace pattern is not as easy as I'd like.  My machine, being an LK 150 and described as a 'hobby' machine, means that I have to hand manipulate the stitches to create the open lacey work.  The machine does not do that for me.  Contrasts'  pattern is manipulated every two rows. 
In between all that lace is what the pattern calls a 'tuck' stitch.  Another hand manipulated stitch.

Not wanting to do too many rows with all that hand manipulation only to find out the garment was not going to fit,  I took it off the needles after ten rows .

I am knitting the 40 inch size.  Take a look   at how many inches wide my swatch is.

Yikes!  A re-think is required.  Tighter gauge for one thing.  Perhaps a smaller size as well.   Backing up to square one here.


Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I am looking forward to following along with this project! Its like an utterly new adventure!

Needles said...

It's a beautiful lace though. It is going to look great!