Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekends Are Getting Shorter

Two-day weekends just don't seem to have as many hours in them as they used to.  Could be that I move slower.  Or could be this weekend, that fatigue, following a  canning marathon,  found me too tired to knit.  Or at least knit well.  I ripped out  more than I knit.

After a day of baking four loaves of bread, a batch of  cookies as well as canning beets and pears, I sat down to knit.  And I couldn't see my lace pattern.  Lace demands to be seen.  It is one thing to read the instructions, even follow the instructions, but what is really required is being able to 'see' the pattern.

And I just couldn't see it.  I looked and looked and simply could not differentiate the left slant from the right slant.  You see, - well hopefully, you will, I sure didn't - Vignette has two panels of lace 'holes' running up either side of the centre-front, button bands.  In those two panels, the lace holes alternate between slanting to the right, then the left.   Normally I can see right from left.  But not after my day of canning.  So I ripped.

Aof  marathon canning followed by a marathon of ripping meant that I didn't get as far along as I had thought I would by Sunday night.  I am still a few rows short of having the left front completed.

 I'd rather blame it on the weekends getting shorter  than my own fallibility.   You know fewer hours, like fewer tissues in the box, fewer potato chips in the bag, fewer sheets on the toilet paper roll.   Could be true! 

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