Friday, September 7, 2012

This Knitter's Life

Today and tomorrow, I am leading a great, Knitter's Life.  

I leave shortly to head down to Kitchener as tomorrow is the annual Knitters Fair.   This year, I am working the fair, at one of the Cabin Fever booths.  Yes, this year they have two booths,  and today is set-up day.  Two days of being surrounded by yarn and knitters,  breathing in those yarn fumes and perhaps, just perhaps, engaging in some yarn, retail therapy.  Couldn't hurt.   You'll find me at the Cabin Fever Clearance Booth in Marshall Hall.  Stop by and say 'Hi.'

Before I leave I can take a few minutes to swoon over my new book that arrived at the post office yesterday.   Being interested in mastering the math behind top-down construction, I purchased Ann Budd's Handy Book Of Top Down Sweaters.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, she does approach top-down knitting,  as most designers do - casting on less that the full amount of neck stitches then short-rowing to add in the centre-front stitches.  That is the opposite of Deb Gemmell's method.  Deb, instead casts on lots of stitches and at the same time as  increasing at the raglan markers, decreases to shape the front neck.  A brilliant and - in my opinion - better, neater way to start a Top Down.  Nonetheless, I expect the book will be helpful in helping me learn the math involved.  And since tomorrow  I  spend all day  with Deb, maybe I can encourage her to divulge her mathematical formula.  Or at least tell me if there is one.

While I check out the book, I can gaze fondly at my quartet of Ruby-inspired knits. 

The mohair-lined mittens she requested, plus the Unoriginal Hat and Bulky  Collar I knit to match.    Easy knits all and a   great  winter combo.

The knitters who are reading are probably heading for their needles at this very minute after reading of these wonderful knitting adventures.  And the non-knitters?  On their way to the LYS I'm sure. 


Sandra said...

I'll see you in Kitchener tomorrow! I talked to Deb on Tuesday night, and saw some of her new sweaters - I agree that she is brilliant, and plan on picking up a couple of her books - she not only has great patterns, she has great formulae for devising your own.

Needles said...

The set looks like jewels from the deep green jungle.

I have the book on order at my LYS. I like these but more as a resource to confirm my numbers and sort out yarn requirements than actually knitting from them.

Have fun at the fair!

freshisle said...

Have a wonderful time at the fair! Someday I'll get ther.