Monday, September 10, 2012

Knitters Fair 2012

Another KW Knitters Fair has come and gone  and  Mr. Mastercard will be pleased.  It was my least expensive, most exhausting, most fun,  fair-day ever!  Working at the fair leaves no time for shopping at the fair.

Set up was Friday night and it took seven of us four hours to set up two booths.

There was  one heck of a lot of yarn and patterns to put out for display! 

But it was worth it because both booths were busy, busy, busy all day Saturday.

 Oh, Look!  That lady is buying my sock book. 

With the yarnharlot speaking twice during the day we expected great lulls in traffic during speech time.  But the flood of shoppers didn't slow at all until just before closing time.

Although, there was no shopping for me, there were gifts.  One of my blog readers,  who hails from New Mexico, U.S.A.,   intrigued by my past posts about the fair,  made the trek to Canada to take in this year's event.  She stopped in Rochester NY to pick up a couple of friends and the three of them joined me for lunch.  Meet Julia,
shown here during the cross-border gift exchange.  I gave her a copy of my Need A Sock book  and she gave me the most beautiful knitting bag.  Julia has featured her hand-sewn bags on her blog  (Scroll down and you sill see my bag there) and I couldn't be happier - or feel more special - to own one.  Look at the detail! 
The colours of New Mexico

 Inside pockets,

Outside pockets 

and a great label.
Thanks, Julia.  ETA - I was amazed, when looking at the picture of Julia and I, how much we look alike.  Same age bracket, same glasses, similar hair styles.  Wow!

Later in the afternoon,  Patti-Ann, my friend and co-worker from London Yarns,  came by the booth bearing a gift too.  This wonderful book. 
P.A. knows that I dabble in design and thought Debbie Bliss might offer some insight to help me grow that part of my yarn life.  She is right. It is a great book.  Back home, I  started devouring it  as soon as the tea was poured. Thanks, P.A.

A very different, but very satisfying and fun day again this year.  Next year, the fair is moving to bigger digs with more parking.  Can't wait!


Sandra said...

I wasn't working, so I made up for it with shopping! It was great to see you and spend a few minutes chatting!

Yarn and Ivories said...

A great time was had by all! We retired to the Alls, walked over Rainbow Bridge! Who knew tat was even possible?