Friday, September 14, 2012

I Modify Still

Lyn S commented on my recent post where I spoke of  modifying my Vignette.  She said she  thought me very creative.  LOL!  What I am is a person who resents being told what to do.  'Knit 10 rows'  says the pattern.  Huh!  Who are you Ms. Designer to tell me I want 10 rows.  I am short.   I only want eight rows.  So there.

And that is about where I am on Vignette.  The right front is done.  I modified the bottom to eliminate the cross-bum band.   I modified the length - the pattern called for a 24 inch length in my size and dang! if that isn't bathrobe length on me.  And lastly on this piece, I modified the shoulder shaping. 

The pattern called for the traditional, few rows of cast off stitches to slope the shoulder.  That of course leaves not only a thick edge/ridge of cast off stitches to be sewn together with the corresponding back shoulder, but it also leaves gap-producing, stair steps.  Short-row, shoulder shaping is my favourite.  I do take my clue from the pattern.  If the pattern says to cast off 6 stitches over the next three rows, I work to six stitches short of the end, then wrap and turn and repeat. 

 A very nicely sloped shoulder don't you think?

The ribbing for the back piece is done. 
I have planned a major modification for that piece.  But for the moment I have set it aside to work on the left front. 

Seriously lacking in the admin department,  I made no notes on the modifications  done on the right side, so I must knit the  left before my memory deficiency prevents two identical front pieces. 
That is the goal for the weekend.


Yarn and Ivories said...

What a brave person. We ARE alike! I wouldn't be writing down notes either. But I always wish I had because I either "think I know it all" or I put it away for more than 24 hours.

It's going to be great, or... You will modify again!

Sel and Poivre said...

Hah, always nice to stop by here and see how a Pro does it. I just posted a stair step, gap-tastic cast off about which I was thrilled just because I actually got to the point of casting off!

As ever Brenda, you are an inspiration!

Jan said...

Off topic here. I am on my cell phone and couldn't find your email :( I am coming your way tomorrow until Thursday. We are camping at Craigleith. I would love to hit the lys. Is it Grey Heron in Collingwood?

Linda said...

Thanks so much for sharing how you modify to make patterns work for your size and shape and preferences. YAY for clear thinkers, um, knitters!