Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursdays Are For knit Group

 Sunshine, blue skies and  warm weather outside.  Bright colours, laughter and knitting inside.  Of course - that seems to happen regardless of the weather.

 It was good to see Nell back.  Her shoulder has been bothering her but it hasnt' stopped her from crocheting it seems.
That is beautiful, Nell.  A work of  fun, colourful, art.  Oh and it's a blanket too.

Right beside Nell, Wilma had her own  colourful knitting on the go.
  A scarf in apple green that had another 5 1/2 iches in length by the end of knit group.

Difficult decisions.  Work on the scarf or on the beautiful cowl.
Knit with Cabin Fever's Sterling, a Merino, Silk and Sterling Silver combo.
 It is gorgeous, Wilma.

Gail seems quite pleased with her silk knitting too.
 Sweaterkits silk yarn that she is knitting into a 'long-tailed' shawly, wrappy, necky thing.  Wonderful colours.

Sandy B finished a hat at group today.
Knit with some of her sister Sue's give-away yarn.  Thick, chunky yarn, 72 stitches, 7 inches of knitting before decreasing for the top and all  on a 5.5 mm needle.  Easy, quick, fun.  Not something you will wear in Florida though, I'm sure, Sandy.

Sharon took  the Spinners & Weavers Guild cause  of  hand-spun, tree-decorating, mini mittens very seriously.  7 mittens this  week.

Beyond cute, though, aren't they?

Doreen looks a bit less than pleased at not having finished her summer 'tee'.

Next summer, Doreen.

And lastly, what was Ingrid wearing today?

'This old thing' she claimed.  Old maybe, but another lovely Koigu knit.

The colours inside surely matched,  maybe even  outshone,  the fall colours outside and there was much more fun where we were.  At knit group.

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