Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blogging With Danny Marks

While I post today, I am listening to my latest Danny Marks CD, purchased  pilferred from a kind gentleman in the audience last Saturday while at the Rex.  I do love his Johnny Cash-esque voice.

But being of the  "If you are supposed to be studying, turn off that radio"   generation  can I think, type and listen at the same time?   We'll see.

Getting back to the knitting, today, I am telling you about my modified Vignette sleeve.

Vignette has sleeves that end just below the elbow with a distinctive  flare.  They begin with more stitches than required which are decreased away as you knit up the sleeve.  That gives the sleeve bottom a definite flare.  I don't like that look.

So I modified.  I knit a very conventional sleeve, 3/4 length, that gradually increases in circumference as it approaches the upper arm.   (It is obvious that this knit will really benefit from blocking.)
 I fell back on my Elizabeth Zimmermann knowledge and cast on 25% of the total body stitches for my 3/4 sleeve,  worked 12 rows in K1, P1 ribbing, then in the first row of stockinet, placed the 12 stitch, lace pattern in the centre and knit up.

It fits and looks just the way I wanted it too.  But I am not off sleeve island yet.  I do need two of them and they always seem to take longer than I feel they should.  I shall as Elizabeth used to say - 'Knit on'.


Sel and Poivre said...

I say that to myself all the time - Knit on indeed!

Sandra said...

Sleeves are tough at the beginning, but I find they finish faster than I expect.
And I knit, read and watch TV (sort of) at the same time. TV doesn't always keep me occupied, and often I will have my iPod going along with a book and knitting. A carry over from my school days of homework with TV or music going...