Friday, March 2, 2012

The Votes Are In

Last week when I showed you my little black skirt with the purple inserts
 and mentioned my plans to knit a purple something to complete the outfit, I asked for votes.  Should it be a scarf, a vest or a sweater.

The results are in.
Scarf         0
Vest           0
Sweater - all other votes. including   Marie    who suggested putting a triangle in the back of the sweater to mimic the triangles in the skirt and blogless Gina who suggested using the Soletto vest pattern with it's coordinating  triangles and simply adding sleeves.  Brilliant isn't she?  That is a great idea.

I know a leading example when I read one, so sweater it is. 

This past Wednesday at work, I purchased the last ball of the purple yarn and asked if we might be able to get another bag of the same yarn in the same dye lot.   I'll keep my fingers crossed.  I have lots of time to give this some consideration as my CTD is still moving at a snail's pace.    I think I'll rejuvenate my efforts with  a felted-slipper knitting vacation  this weekend. 

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