Monday, March 26, 2012

A Look At The Fabric

I am knitting my  Debbie Met Sally cardi to wear with a little summer dress. A dress that I intend  to sew myself.  A dress that I intend to wear at my niece's wedding.  Why let a 35 year hiatus from sewing my own clothes stop me?  It's only my niece's wedding after all.
Marie asked to see the fabric.  So here  -   artfully arranged to appear completed when in fact it is just fabric  -   are what things looked like Saturday morning.

Both the sweater and the dress will have short summery sleeves and the sweater, yarn quantities permitting,  will come to just below the waist.

The fabric caught my eye because of it's delightful, summery feel.  Prints  are in fashion this season, I have decided.

The pattern , other than the skirt of 10 gores, is quite simple with the  one dash of style being the  very-obviously- inserted zipper.

I am making the one colour view but with the sleeves.  My oh-so-non-Michelle Obama-like, grandmotherly arms feature flex-a-flab that is best kept under cover. 

This morning, the dress looks like this.
Well on the way to being finished.  My only concern is  - will it fit?  Which leads to the concern of  'what will I wear if this project isn't a success?'


Sandra said...

LOVE the fabric! I've been on a sewing binge this past weekend, with more on the horizon, and this print is just beautiful. WIth the sweater, it'st he perfect New Orleans wedding attire.

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

What great fabric. The sweater looks great with it.

Sel and Poivre said...

Well I sure am glad I asked to see the fabric - its fabulous! Very "on trend" too! The zipper is a great feature.

That "artful arrangement" of fabric and knit is sure convincing!

Thanks so much for the sneak peek!