Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

The question at knit group today  could certainly have been "How was your summer?"  Chilly, windy weather has returned and the 27 degree days we had a couple of weeks ago are sadly missed.  Good thing we have knitting to keep us happy - we sure  can't  depend on the weather.

Lauren was back today and  and all smiles as she accomplished the great divide on her first-ever baby sweater.
Her tension is a bit off - she is knitting this little sweater at about the same gauge as a pair of socks.  That takes time. 

Nell has another brightly coloured afghan to hide behind.  Really she is there.

Gail's Church  called for hand-knit, chemo caps in soft, non-wool yarns.  A perfect excuse for Gail to use up some of her stash.

This one has a beautiful lace edge.

I took Gloria's picture today simply because I haven't taken it in quite some time - and she has such a great smile.

 I told her I was sure her husband was checking the blog daily looking for his wife's photo.   That is 'just a baby hat' she is knitting.

Not-so-new Nan was up and brought  her double-roll brim hat for show and tell.  She missed our hat day - but never too late to show off great knitting.


 Ingrid is knitting with yarn that is not lilac in colour.
 For a top.  That she will wear.  Wonders never cease!

And me?  The knitter who should have been knitting  her 'When Debbie Met Sally' sweater as it has a tight deadline, knit slippers instead.  Left the sweater at work yesterday!  Arghhhh!

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