Monday, March 12, 2012

Not Much Knitting

Weekend visitors here at the Harris household meant not much knitting for Brenda.  But after waving good-bye to our guests, I did spend a quiet Sunday afternoon catching up on blog posts and reading ravelry.  As always, there was lots to capture my attention.

Stash Queen, Christy  posted about a group called Craftsy.    Christy, alreday a member,  had taken advantage of the  members-only 50% discount offer  and signed up for one of their on-line labs - Fit Your Knits.

Fit Your Knits sounded like a course I could use - something that might help me achieve my 2012 goals.  Immediately, I went to the site and looked up the course.  Ouch!  Too expensive for me for a course that,   save Christy's blog post,  I knew  nothing about.   I took the 'crafty' way out and for free,  simply joined the Craftsy group. Who knows, I thought,  maybe  someday they would offer another member  discount.  Well, lucky me, once signed up, my welcome package included my first on-line course for a greatly  (Sorry, Christy.  My price beat your price)  reduced fee.  Now that's what I'm talkin' about. 

The course is taught by Stephanie Japel, can be started/taken any time and re-taken as many times as I like  need.    Two free patterns come with the course and I am so excited - I can't wait for school to start.  Good thing the timing is at my leisure as tomorrow the Grand kids come for March Break, so there will be little knitting and no studying for Grandma while they are here.  Sacrifices, sacrifices!

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Yarn and Ivories said...

I could have written that Post!! LOL
I purchased the same one, at some (forgotten) price and almost forgot that I had! I remember looking at it and thinking I'd need to sit down and have nothing else to do... Will that ever happen?