Friday, March 23, 2012

This Is More Like It

Struggling along, sloth-like, on my CTD was really damaging to my knitting mojo.  By comparison, my Debbie Met Sally summer cardi is a mojo booster.  I am, in a few short days, about three inches  past the great divide of sleeves and body.   It feels great to be knitting a 'speed-a-long'.
The cardi is totally garter stitch - with a twist. Although the trim is normal garter stitch, worked on a 3.75mm needle,  you can see that is is different than the garter stitch of the body.
Using circular, interchangeable needles, the body is being worked with a   3.75 mm pin at one end,  but a 6.5mm pin at the other end.  This gives the fabric a loose, open, stretchy appearance.  Once blocked and with  the full weight of the sweater lending it's gravitational forces to the fabric, I think it will be quite ''lacey''.  Perfect for my mid-April, New Orleans, wedding ensemble.

I have chosen to put three buttonholes  at the base of the V-Neck and let the rest of the sweater swing open.
That will offer a nice reveal of my Aunt-Of-The-Bride dress,   that at the moment is just a bolt of  fabric on my table.

I also chose to use the easy peasy, yarn-over, increase method.
 It's holey-ness is a great accompaniment to the light-weight, summery  look I'm hoping to achieve.

My only apprehension stems from the amount of yarn I have.  This is stash yarn and I have only  five balls.  So far, I have used the better part of two balls. Three to go.  I am hoping to get the sweater to at least waist length.  Short sleeves will do for summer, so the fingers are crossed.


Sandra said...

The foramt of the sweater (using the one larger needle) will really help with the length. The weight of it (and maybe a little gentle blocking help) will give you added length.
The two needle size system is a great idea.

LaurieM said...

Danger knitter!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh how lovely and perfectly springy! Do we get a peek at the Aunt of the Bride fabric? Please pretty please!

Deb said...

Looks really great!

freshisle said...

So fast! And so pretty!