Monday, March 19, 2012

Things I Learned On My March Break

As evidenced by the absence of March Break blogging, Grandchildren filled my time  last week.  And since old dogs are never too old to learn new tricks, I thought I'd share what I learned during their visit.

15 year old Granddaughters no longer think it cool to visit Grandma for March Break.

10 and 11 year old Grandkids still love to come.

My 11 year old Grandson  and I wear the same size shoe.  This we learned when, in the early morning of a still wintry north, he got into the car wearing his heavy winter boots, arriving 10 hours later in the sunny, spring-like south, to realize he had not packed any shoes.

11 year old boys have perfected the art of putting on and taking off shoes without undoing the laces.

I really enjoyed The Lorax.

Kids survive even when Grandma lets them eat  only candy and pop for lunch at the movies.

Alice In Wonderland, as a bed time story, still enchants. 

Grandkids doing tricks on their roller blades at the skate park can give Grandma a heart attack.

10 year old Abi plays better Euchre than I do.

Lucky Charms is the cereal of choice for spring 2012.

Both Grandkids understand the subtleties of the game of curling better than I do.

Both grand kids shoot pool as well as I do.

 The future of the world is in good hands.

Back to normal and knitting - if I can find my needles.


Sandra said...

I'm lucky - 13 year old sons still like being at the cottage with Mom. And he was wearing my shoe size at 11 as well...
I too am satified with leaving the world to them - they are, for the most part, a good group.

Linda said...

Lovely post, quite encouraging as to letting the kids be who they are and not taking every single thing to heart. Thanks!

freshisle said...

Sounds like a lovely time. Those joyful teenage years!