Monday, February 7, 2011

A Weekend's Worth

A weekend's worth of knitting can easily produce a great pair of Chimera mittens. These mittens knit up very quickly - a puzzle to me. Being a double layer, they are actually the better part of two pairs of mittens, yet they knit up quickly. There is something about that layering that is motivational.

Niece Christie, Katie's sister - that's Katie of the red hat and red & black Chimera mittens - requested 'texting' mittens. Yes, you heard that right. Another request. I think, so far, I'm up to four for 2011. A record!

Christie: "Aunt Brenda, could you knit me texting mittens too? I could pay for the yarn"

Me: Masking my extreme delight at another request so as not to appear too dorky
"Sure. I'd love too, and you don't have to pay for the yarn. It will be a gift."

Christie: With a big grin. "Thanks Aunt Brenda."

Me: "Do you want the same pattern as Katie's mittens?"

Christie: Again, with a big grin. "Yes, please."

Me: "And what colour would you like?"

Christie: "Blue and black, please."

Me: "OK, blue and black it is. "

Christie: With another big grin "Thanks, Aunt Brenda. Are you sure you don't want me to pay for the yarn?"

Don't you love 14 year old girls?

Wednesday at work, I picked up the blue yarn but no black. I had lots of black left over from both Katie's mittens and 'Sis' hat.

And my weekend's knitting produced mitten number one.
And then this.

But no more than that, because of this.
Not enough black yarn. My weekend's worth of knitting could have produced the mittens. But only if this knitter had been smart enough to purchase sufficient yarn. The good news is that with the extra black yarn and the leftover blue, I will probably have enough to knit Christie a matching hat. Another weekend's knitting and hopefully another of those delightful big grins.


Laurie said...

Cute mitten! Isn't it wonderful when people appreciate our knitting. Last week, I gave my stepdaughter a new hat for her baby. As she put it on him, I heard her say, "You're such a lucky baby! You have someone who loves to knit for you!" I'm still kvelling. :-)

Anne Campbell said...

Oh, that's great! And the blue and black mittens are going to be lovely again. I hope I'm going to love 14-year old girls - I love 9-year olds for sure!

Sandra said...

Can I adopt your family? Other than a select few, the rest request me NOT to knit for them. I'd kill for requests like that!