Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Whether it's because Valentine's Day is approaching soon, or that we've been covered in snow for six weeks now - or -- because today is Ground Hog Day and there are high hopes of Wiarton Willie predicting an early end to winter, I'm not sure. But colour seems to be on every one's mind. In particular, red.

Last night, doing a little blog reading, I came across these. Needles In The Hay showed her lovely red scarfette and then posted a beautiful shot of a Charley Harper print. A fun look at winter snow featuring a great red Cardinal.

Curlerchick is unravelling a denim sweater that features 'red' as it's contrast colour.

Marie tells me her favourite colour is red although she's making these mittems with other-than-red wool.

Katie loved her red hat.

All of this talk of red. An antidote to our white,winter landscape. Since I wore myself out yesterday running around the countryside shopping for new basement furniture and had little energy left for what usually brightens my day - knitting. it was fun to see all this colour on the 'net'. Thanks, folks for brightening my day.


Needles said...

Yup, red. Good colour that!

Sel and Poivre said...

Red gets me through the winter for sure! That hat looks adorable on your niece! That great red and white sweater on your dad in yesterday's post was pretty fabulous too!

Laurie said...

I'm deciding I need a red shawl. Can't figure out what took me so long - I have pretty much everything else in red.