Monday, February 21, 2011

One Step Forward

The  'one step forward,

two steps backwards'
adage describes my weekend to a 'T'.   Although it didn't happen Friday night, I would have had my Pumpkin Pie Pully finished by Sunday night.  If I had liked the resluts achieved, that is.

I was attempting to knit the pully using EZ"s Seamless Set In Sleeve method.  Of course, to add to the  difficulties, I wanted a  lower version of the crew neck and 'at the same' wanted to keep the cable in it's entirety right up to the shoulder. 

Severe knitterly denial set in some time Saturday.  The entire process was taking too long.  Not time wise, but row wise.  I began to envision the armholes sitting close to the navel. But I kept on.  

Then the neck shaping instructions were so Elizabeth.  That is,  a few details short of clear.  The front neckline was  knit and ripped  about six  times.  Still I knit on.

There was one little niggling thought as I kept knitting. Those  frequent ravelry comments stating  that  the pattern resulted in pointy shoulders.  But most knitters went on to say things like "Love it anyway".  "Favourite sweater nonetheless."  So I knit on.  And finished the sweater last evening.  Guess what.  The shoulders are pointy.  The armhole to shoulder area was way too deep to be attractive.  I ripped it back to the join  and am now knitting raglan sleeves. .

I am  disappointed to discover that Elizabeth Zimmermann is fallible.  My mantra previously had  been "If Elizabeth says it is so, then it will be so."   With the exception of seamless set in sleeves, I
still believe that.

Raglan sleeves are good.  I know they fit.  They flatter.  And they are easy to do.  So one step forward, in a new direction and perhaps, Pumpkin Pie tonight.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry to hear about the backsliding! I do love raglan sleeves, though, and I think they'll be perfect for your Pumpkin Pie. The cable is looking just amazing!

Sel and Poivre said...

I spent yesterday afternoon having some similar "quality time" with a new to me tubular bind off. Start early afternoon...leave it to start dinner late afternoon...right back where I was just after lunch!

I feel your pain!

Needles said...

It must be the season for this dance. I ripped back all of yesterdays work. I was mising 4 critical stitches on one front and only found them when trying to set upfront and back increases. Sigh.

There must be something small missing. Did EZ do them all the way up or is there a note somewhere about ending the decreases about 1/3 a la BW starting point for top down set in sleeves?

Sandra said...

Even a "failure" is still a learning experience. I guess. Still, ripping is not fun...

Yarn and Ivories said...

I know! I tend to believe it's my fault, but I'm learning there's such a thing as errata...

Laurie said...

Eek! Pointy shoulders??? So sorry your faith in EZ has been dente...maybe she liked pointy shoulders? ;-)