Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Changing Plans

Back in January, I started a vest with my Noro stash.
Noro being Noro, that is yarn with wonderful bands of colour - read exquisitely variegated yarn - I looked for a pattern, or at least a vision, that would create vertical-ness to the striping. Sure, many in the world knit Noro normally and it looks fabulous. But I kept seeing those ribbons of colour going 'up' rather than across my body. I found this pattern on the 'net' and ordered it.

As I mentioned in the above-linked post, the pattern is a bit hoky. It's also for a sweater that starts at the cuff, but I'm knitting a vest. That meant I had to search for an appropriate starting point and could only guess that I had found it. I knit about 5 inches on the vest and couldn't 'see' it happening. So it's been resting for a week or two.

On the weekend, having run out of black yarn for Christie's mittens, I did some virtual knitting through blogs and ravelry and somewhere on my tour, saw reference to this pattern.

How perfect is that for a vertically striped vest? Lion Brand # 1168. Still available. Still free on their web site. In fact it's available in two yarn weights. Sport and chunky. Mind you, neither weight is my weight, but that problem I can solve.

I have changed my plans. I'm excited. That pattern will have my Noro performing exactly as I envisioned.


Laurie said...

I can't wait to see how this turns out! That shade of Noro looks wonderful!

Sel and Poivre said...

Its like you were released from the confines of EZ and you've just exploded back out into the wide world of knitting! You are doing it all! How fun is that?

Anne Campbell said...

Oh, I just love that new pattern! The back is super fun, too. That will be fantastic in Noro, I bet. (I wouldn't mind having that in one of Meg's colorways, either. Hmmm...)

freshisle said...

Exciting! I think it will be perfect and we know you are a master solver.