Monday, February 14, 2011

Cards and Chocolates

Today is Valentine's Day. With days like this - days that if not commercially birthed, are certainly commercially bally-hooed - I find myself sitting, butt-crackingly uncomfortable, on the fence. I know about the commercialism. I know that loving relationships can't survive on only one-day-a-year recognition. I know that unloving people can give gifts. But dang! I love those mushy cards and chocolates.

Mind you I like diamonds and new cars too, but I count my blessings. Candy will do. Receiving chocolates certainly beats the Valentine's Day, long ago, when having read that men are visual learners, I sent myself flowers with a card that read "Love, Fred." Not cut flowers either. But one of those long-life plants that took centre place on the mantle for weeks.

Since that year, Valentine's Day has not gone unrecognized here at the Harris household. Still, it was quite a surprise to arrive home from knit group on Thursday! days before February 14, to find a box of chocolates sitting front and centre. Never subtle, I said " HEY! " Why is there a box of chocolates on the kitchen counter?"

Always subtle, Fred said "That's an early Valentine's gift. You said the other day that you were craving chocolate."

Holy Doodle! Knock me over with a feather! Indeed I had said that. We were about to have tea and I had commented that I wished I had a box of candy in the house as I was craving chocolate. But I certainly didn't expect this.

You see those chocolates represent more than candy. They meant that my husband had LISTENED! How often does that happen? Then while out running errands, he had REMEMBERED! How often does that happen?

Then me being me and Fred being Fred when I questioned him about the recently-acquired skills of listening and remembering he gave me one of his wonderful 'one liners'.

I asked. "How come you've started to do this kind of thing since you retired? Listening to me and thinking of me while shopping. You never used to do that"

Fred replied " I couldn't do it when I was younger and working. I can't multi-task."

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. And thanks for reading. I ''heart' your loyalty.


LaurieM said...

Better late than never!

Sandra said...

My husband can't multi task either. I think it's a gender thing...
I'm not really on the fence - I truly believe this day is only for the card companies and florists. I'd rather get the recognition I get every other day of the year from my guys. (But I agree, chocolate wouldn't go unappreciated...)

Needles said...

Now that is romantic!

Laurie said...

Happy late Valentine's Day to you, too! Your fella seems a lot like mine...three weeks ago, I was having a tough week emotionally. Plus, the dog had a couple bad nights, so I was fairly sleep deprived and depressed. Enter wonderful husband with a dozen red roses "because it seemed like you need cheering up". We did exchange cards this year, and he found really the most perfect card for me...I don't know how he knew what I was thinking and found a card that addressed it, but he did.