Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Maybe it was envy of those from the group who are travelling and enjoying sunshine on the beach but at knit group today, there was much talk of 'having to get away'.  "To some place other than the grocery store" was Bonnie's statement.

Gail  'got away' to knit group today, escaping   the upside-down'ness' of her house following the installation of new carpeting.  This is a true knitters version of relaxation therapy - sock knitting.

Doreen  was a study in contrasts today - and concentration too, by the looks of it. 
Wearing the white vest she knit last year  while knitting a black one.  She lost the pattern for the white vest, so who knows how the black one will turn out.  Perhaps this memory exercise is Doreen's get-away??

Ingrid  hopes she has enough yarn in that little ball to finish her sleeve.
Otherwise, she said " It all comes out".  Stress like that is not a good 'get away', Ingrid.

With all these little pieces to sew together, it's no wonder you need to get away, Bonnie.
Someone tell that knitter about top-down, seamless, baby sweaters.    

Wilma arrived with the cutest, crocheted hat. A one-hour hat, she said. Now that's a get away.

 Lucky knitter that she is, Wilma had a request to knit this hat for her  her Grand daughters.  
Requested knitting always gets immediate attention.


 Pat, who we haven't seen in quite some time was out today.
Dry pavement is an enabler.  Knitting has been her 'get-away' this winter, she said.

If an afternoon of knitting is so effective in helping us  to 'get away' anyone up for a knitting cruise?


Needles said...

Yaaaa, but only to Sveden...Kidding!

Wouldn't it be nice, but I shall just travel in my knitting.

Yarn and Ivories said...

Sign me up!
btw: How's the pumpkin? Is that what you took to group, or just your camera?

Laurie said...

Dry pavement is the great enabler for me, too! I try never to leave the house during the really snowy and icy days.