Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And My Survivor Review

My picture taking habits took a lazy approach to knit group today. Only three pictures.

Sharon finished the lovely, light-but-warm, Fleece Artist shawl for her cousin out west.
A gorgeous piece with simple garter stitch knitting but absolutely stunning yarn. It's beautiful, Sharon. I am glad it got detoured today for some show and tell, before getting shipped off to Alberta.

Sharon's had a busy knitting week (Her hubby's out of town. Can you tell?) with two FOs. This is a little chemo cap for her sister in law.
Sharon says her SIL looks fabulous in this colour. Hope it brightens her day, Sharon.

Pat is back in full swing, with her first complete knitted doll. This one ready for the upcoming Christmas season. Another cutie, Pat.

This seems a brief and uninspiring post - I think my flu shot has kicked in and made me dopey dopier.

And My Survivor Review.
I still say it's Survivor Bonkers this time round. Fabio using the pool for the bathroom and Naonka 'eeking out' over touching the cows n..........(rhymes with ripples). How would you like Naonka to be your child's PE teacher? Scary!

I won't say who got voted off because Lyn S commented last week to say that 'down under' they are 6 episodes behind. I don't want to spoil your evening of TV viewing, Lyn.

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Laurie said...

Always nice to see what the group is working on.

This year was the first year I did NOT have any reaction to my flu shot. Amazing...