Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And My Survivor Review

Great glorious colours were what we saw today at knit group. Sandy B has finished her Koigu, mitred-square, buggy blanket. Just in time to let us see it before she leaves for Florida next week.
Look at the obvious planning that went into that colour placement before she even picked up the needles! It is gorgeous, Sandy.

Pat was back for the first time since her surgery.
She is now officially a member of the Lopsided Top Club. Glad to have you back, Pat - and we love your socks.

Bonnie showed up with yet another sweater for herself. Once that woman got started, she hasn't stopped treating herself to hand knit sweaters. This one is my colour.

Time for buttons, don't you think, Bonnie?

Doreen finished the baby outfit that gave her grief and I even managed to get a smile from her when I snapped this picture.
The little sweater is off to the Meaford Hospital Gift shop. So many places in Meaford benefit from Doreen's generosity.

Our stylish, hat-wearing Nicki arrived today with one of her stress-busting, sock-yarn, log-cabin squares. She is using up leftover sock yarn and has 4 squares done now.

And Wilma is well on her way to completing two little sweaters in mirror-image colouring for her Western Canadian Grand daughters. Little girls will love those colours, Wilma.
I, of course, wore my 50th anniversary Cardigan and it got rave reviews. Modeled shots of it tomorrow.

Now - my Survivor Review - Two ladies gone. Poor Kelly B - gone just because of her leg. Isn't that discrimination? And then Eve. I was certain it would be Marty.


LynS said...

I wish I could resist...we're 6 days behind you with our 'Survivor' screenings and I know I shouldn't read your 'Survivor' summary. However, as someone who can't resist reading the end of thrillers and crime fiction halfway through the book, it doesn't really seem to bother me that I'm watching 'Survivor' while knowing the outcome.

Love the mitred blanket you've shown

Joansie said...

All really nice projects. Can't pick a favorite this time!

Laurie said...

Lovely projects all, especially the blanket!