Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Deadlines require goals. At least, considering my self-diagnosed ADD and propensity for being easily sidetracked, I know I need goals to achieve my deadlines.

Despite my kind and generous sister emailing me yesterday saying not to panic over the socks. She says she can wait. She doesn't want to be the cause of any undue stress in my life.

Of course she is right. Undoubtedly she does own other socks. But if her socks are finished, then I can finish my 50th Anniversary Cardigan. And once my cardigan is finished, then I can get on to the next project - which BTW - I'm thinking might be the 'Must Have Cardi' done EZ style. So, the goal is to give the socks to my sister this weekend.

What dawned on me last night as I picked up my needles is that goals, of course, need to be broken down into manageable, bite-size pieces. Working backwards I came up with a plan. Tuesday, Knit to the beginning of the heel flap. Wednesday work the heel flap, heel and gusset. Thursday, knit the foot. Friday the toe. Saturday gift wrap - well that might not happen. But at least I will have a day to spare in case the daily goals don't get met.

And so far - one night into the daily-goal, focused deadline, I'm on track.
Sock # 2 - ready for the heel flap as I was ready for bed.


Joansie said...

Deadlines.......goals....all good things, I think! Are you on Ravelry?

Laurie said...

The OCD part of me plans out how many rows of a project I have to do to meet my deadlines. It's the only thing that's keeping me sane through all these baby blankets. :-)

Vera said...

I really really like the colour of the socks you are knitting. I must find some yarn just like it.

Needles said...