Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And My Survivor Review

Today was a day for turkey tales around the table at knitting. We all had stories to tell of Thanksgiving weekend visitors. Sharon as always had the biggest crowd. Every year, she hosts her entire family for Thanksgiving Day and this year served 27.

Some sent word that they were too tired after the long weekend to come to knitting today. But others, myself included, think where else would I go when tired? And some of us had even found time to knit since last Thursday.

Gail finished her little hoodie in Cotton Tweed pink.
Cotton Tweed is such a gorgeous yarn. We at Thursday knit group are all fans. Moderately priced with good yardage. Part cotton, part acrylic. It knits nicely, it washes nicely - in the machine!

The buttons are gorgeous. And well they should be -they cost as much as the yarn. But they make the sweater, Gail. Good choice.

Doreen was sporting a lovely scarf.
Bright cheerful colours. The yarn was given to her and Doreen is certain it is dishcloth cotton. She invited me to feel it and I'd have to say, she's probably right. Obviously, dishcloth cotton isn't just for dishcloths, Doreen. It made one great scarf.

And welcome back, Marlene. Marlene is an 'on-the-go' girl. With summer finished and a new part time job in town, she says she will be sticking closer to home these next few months. We hope to see you more often, Marlene. While away, she knit these gorgeous spiral socks with Patons Stretch. Neat!

My Survivor Review. WOW! What a challenge that was. Being rotated into water which needed to be swallowed and then spit out - while moving - into a tube! Yikes! How hard was that! And poor little sock-thieving, artificial-leg-kicking Naonka is tired, hungry and wants to go home. Not so cocky now, is she? It was not a surprise that they got rid of Tyrone. Anyone who speaks their mind is at risk of being booted out. Who's next? Marty?

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