Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sis' Sock Details

With the socks and the big dinner both finished, there is a bit of breathing time. Enough time for me to give you details. On the socks that is. I'm sure the dinner was much like other Thanksgiving turkey feasts.

Sis' Socks
Yarn - Austermann Step. This yarn contains both Aloe and Jojoba Oil. Although myself, not a fan of Aloe - rubbing a cut Aloe plant on my skin gives me a rash - this yarn is lovely. It is soft and felt good in the hand while knitting and good on the foot when I tried on the sock. I've been told that the Aloe disappears after about 40 washings, but at the moment, the socks are rich with Aloe and feel great.

Needles - My favourite sock size - 2.25mm

Stitches- I cast on 68 stitches for the cuff, using 34 for the heel flap.

Cuff & Leg.
The cuff was knit in a 2x2 rib - a favourite of mine - and the leg in plain old stockinet. When knitting for someone other than myself, I often knit the leg in a rib pattern. Rib doesn't slouch as easily - a good thing when knitting for unknown leg shapes. But I was in a hurry with theses socks and took the easy/lazy way out and knit the sock in stockinet for about 7 inches before starting the heel flap.

The heel flap was done in another favourite - Slip one, Knit one on the right side rows and Slip the first stitch then purl across on the wrong side rows.

I used the round heel style for the heel turn, knitting to two stitches past centre before working the first short row.

The foot, meant to fit Sis's 7 1/2 shoe size was knit for about 7 1/2 inches - measured from the back of the heel.

The toes too were worked in the 'round style', working a decrease round every other round until 50% of stitches remain, then decreasing every round until only 25% of stitches remained.

The matching of patterns was easy with this yarn
and so I have identical twin socks - a proud Mama I am. Sis loved them and they fit like a glove good sock should.

A grateful PS - Last week, a very special first happened. There were in excess of 300 visits to my blog. Thank you all so much for visiting and reading. I am very appreciative.

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