Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And My Survivor Review

Knit group was the place to be this afternoon.
There was cider and maple cookies and lots of knitters. Most of us, hosting thanksgiving events at our homes this weekend, needed a break from the veggie chopping. What better place to go than knit group.

Ingrid brought her friend from Germany.
She speaks little English - but knitting requires no special language skills. Welcome to Canada, Heide. Ingrid has introduced her to Koigu - but I see Heide has not tackled the mitred squares. Smart lady.

Gloria has taken the lead on stuffed toys.
Pat, at home recuperating from surgery, will be glad to see someone is keeping up the supply of knitted toys. By the size of the ball of yarn still in your bag, Gloria, you have lots of work ahead of you.

Gail finished a hat - with Pom Pom - and Newfie mitts. I love the colours.

Sandy B, who said - "just the knitting, not me" - has the front section of her mitred square vest now finished.

Sandy is thinking of a half square - I think they are called triangles, Sandy - around the edge. Sounds like a lot of work wonderful.

Sandy was also showing off her 'stilettos'. Needles, not shoes.
She says she's too old for stilettos in shoe form.

And this lovely, mouth-agape photo of me comes courtesy of Nicki.
I knew there was a reason I shouldn't let others use my camera, Nicki.

On to My Survivor Review. Jimmy T gone. Players with the first name of 'Jimmy' are dropping weekly. He was quite annoying. It would have been my vote too. And now we get to see how annoying Marty might be.


Joansie said...

Love those mitered squares. Do take a picture when that vest is done. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicki said...

You are most welcome Brenda. I did take two pictures....was your mouth-agape in both??

Zieknits said...

Oh, sure. The week after I'm there, you have maple cookies and cider. ;-)

The projects all look wonderful--Gail's mittens were just started, last week. Love the miters, too, as long as somebody else is knitting them!

I had so much fun visiting knit group, and feel like a star, being on the blog. But I was surprised to see myself described as a 'tourist', because I think of myself as a would-be 'local' who currently lives ~500 miles away. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, Brenda, and everyone!

Laurie said...

I'm in love with the cute little white bear. Totally in love.